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“well-being through harmony”. Concordia University is founded on the values of academic excellence, opportunity for all, and a decent quality of life on campus, defined by safety, diversity, sustainability and respect.


We Value...

Shelly Elsliger

“I value the opportunity to make a difference in students' lives by offering guidance and support in helping them obtain their future career goals.”

Shelly Elsliger,

Thierry Deruelle

“I value teachers like Dr. Steven Appelbaum that can truly help us become better persons that will make a difference in the corporate world, for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Thierry Deruelle, MBA Candidate 2011

Marc Nisbet

“We value building community one conversation at a time.”

Marc Nisbet, University of the Streets Cafe

“We value YOUR success. They invite all students to come by and find out how the mentors can help them succeed in achieving their academic and personal goals.”

, Student Success Mentors

Darlene Dubiel

“We value academic excellence in graduate education.”

Darlene Dubiel, School of Graduate Studies

Marie Lyster

“I value the individualized attention and service at Concordia. At JMSB, one is treated as a person, not a number. Whether you're a visitor, a student, a staff or a graduate. you are part of the JMSB family.”

Marie Lyster, Associate Director of Recruitment, Graduate Programs

Ka Pong Law

“I value the opportuniy to make a positive difference in students, staff and faculty members' lives.”

Ka Pong Law, JMSB CIT staff

Simon Bensimon

“I value the support we get and the support we give. The support we receive from our alumni, donors , parents and colleagues and the support we give our departments, students and researchers.”

Simon Bensimon, MPPPA, Principal Director of Development, Advancement & Alumni Relations

Barbara Henchey

“I am proud to work at Concordia because I believe it exemplifies what I love about Canada: the diversity. I feel lucky that I get to work every day with an amazing and diversified team of individuals and interact with people from different cultures, religions and traditions.”

Barbara Henchey, Executive Assistant to the Dean, JMSB

Mai-Gee Hum

“I value the collegiate spirit of students, faculty and staff at JMSB and Concordia.”

Mai-Gee Hum, JMSB Communications Officer

Zafar Khan

“I value the cultural diversity and the atmosphere of mutual respect, collectively maintained by Concordia Community; I value the opportunity to learn and work as a multi-ethnic community.”

Zafar Khan,

Kristy Heeren

“I value a vibrant culture, and rich history of student activism.”

Kristy Heeren, Coordinator, Concordia Student Parents Centre (CUSP)

Leo Bisonnette

“I value our faculty who work with us to meet the needs of students with Disabilities (students with learning disabilities, attention deficits, and specialneeds).”

Leo Bisonnette, Coordinator for the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities

Raynald Auguste

“I value the fact that Concordia is a community, it's like a family. It let's you find out what's new, what's to do, what's best for you.”

Raynald Auguste, Security Agent

Dr. Balbir Sahni

“I value teaching-learning environment affording interactions amongst scholars-students and diverse communities.”

Dr. Balbir Sahni, Professor Emeritus, Economics

Clarence Bayne

“I value the incredible support I received from the support staff in the DSMIS and especially the support that both the MBA and DIA/DSA programs staff gave to the DIA/DSA students over the period 1990 to 2004. I sing praise to the vision of those colleagues that dedicated their time and scholarship to those students of not-for-profit management and the voluntary sector over the 35 years that Concordia offered those programs. I value the openness of spirit, the willingness to test democracy, and the dissidence that characterize the institution.”

Clarence Bayne, Professor, DS/MIS Department

VijayaMohan Balachandran

“I value the conventional wealth of education and coeval pedagogy at JMSB and Concordia.”

VijayaMohan Balachandran, MBA student

Amanda Nicholson

“I value the diversity at Concordia and am inspired by the strength and tolerance that it provides.”

Amanda Nicholson, MSc Student

Kalil Diaz

“I value Concordia's student involvement opportunities where one can develop important business skills by running a student association or competing in international case competitions.”

Kalil Diaz, BComm (co-op) Supply Chain Management 2009 student

Lorena Marzitelli

“We value being part of an institution that truly welcomes students from all around the world and makes Concordia a multicultural environment in which to work and study.”

Lorena Marzitelli, School of Graduate Studies

Mark Haber

“I value school involvement and extra-curricular activity.”

Mark Haber, JMSB Lecturer, and Case Competition Coach

Jonathan Levinson

“I value the strong sense of belonging and inclusiveness that is Concordia, our collegiality and professionalism, and our common purpose in serving our students and our community”

Jonathan Levinson , Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Prince Ralph Osei

“I value CSU's volunteers who made orientation a success.”

Prince Ralph Osei, student, CSU VP Services and Loyola


“I value Concordia's diversity and awareness.”

Dejai, Java U

Nancy Stewart

“What do I love about Concordia: I'm very fortunate to work in the John Molson School of Business with wonderful colleagues who are supportive and fun to work with. Now that we've moved into our wonderful new building, coming into work each morning is a pleasure.”

Nancy Stewart, Faculty Personnel Coordinator, JMSB

Debbie MacFadden

“We value being part of an institution that allows staff to take courses so that they can be part of Concordia's educational mission.”

Debbie MacFadden, School of Graduate Studies

Ahmed El Shinnawy

“I value the network that JMSB has allowed me to build.”

Ahmed El Shinnawy, BComm Supply Chain Operations Management 2007 student



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